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Covid 19 vaccination

1th Oct, 2021

Good day!
Hello everyone. It’s another day. Let us greet our morning with a bright smile.
It’s another blog about vaccination of our teachers. Let me share these moments with you.
Covid 19 pandemic has taken its toll around the world. Our economy plummeted. Our livelihood has been affected. But it won’t stop us from dreaming and rising back from our setbacks that Covid 19 has thrown in our lives.

Parrots Kun Eikawa has taken its measures to prevent our staffs and teachers from getting Covid 19. Social distancing and temperature check has been implemented. Constant reminders to teachers and staffs to be careful during this pandemic has been announced throughout this pandemic.
We would like to share to you this moment of the vaccination of our three teachers against Covid 19. They are teacher Gav, teacher Kyla and teacher Kaye.

Let me share the thoughts of our three teachers who underwent vaccination on September 28, 2021.
Teacher Gav said:
“I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get vaccinated, because it's our protection for the sickness.”
Teacher Kaye said:
“I was anxious, knowing that I am really afraid of injections or anything sharp but I need to conquer it and gladly that I have overcame it. Now that I am vaccinated I feel safe, but at the same time nervous about the side effects that I experienced immediately after the vaccination.”
And lastly teacher Kyla said:
“I am relieved and thought that I have another protection against Covid 19 especially for me because I had exposure with Covid 19 patient.”
It’s our first step to ensure and to protect our teachers and staff against Covid 19. We will ensure that our teachers and staff will be fully vaccinated to ensure Parrots continuous excellent service for our valued students.
Don’t be afraid. Let us protect ourselves. Let’s get vaccinated together! We can conquer this pandemic together!

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