3. Fee for studying abroad with Parrots Kun

About a studying abroad cost

フィリピン留学の魅力 留学体験談 留学費用


When considering studying abroad, please be mindful of the expenses and fees associated with the program and whether they will be covered by Parrots English. For detailed information, click on the 'Special Study Abroad Program' button above.

Expenses not covered

・Flight ticket fee
・Personal expenses

Application process

Feel free to reach out to us through our customer service accounts:

Skype: parrots100
WeChat: parrots-english100
Dingtalk: parrots100

Alternatively, you can click on 'Contact us' to get in touch.

Outdoor lesson with teachers

Why don't you go out with teachers? Students are able to improve English communication skills in different situations

Fee: 20 USD per teacher for 1 hour (Transportation, food, and drinks fee are not included. Please pay for all of amount which are caused in this optional lesson)
Detail: You are able to go sightseeing with teachers.

(※Notice) The Outdoor lesson time is based on how many hours you reserved before starting the study abroad program. The starting time of the Outdoor lesson defines the time when the teacher or teachers leave the school. The end time of the Outdoor lesson defines the time when the teacher or teachers arrive at the school. If the student cannot come back to the school on the reserved time, we are going to charge 20 USD per teacher for 1 hour.

Price and Terms and Conditions

Please check PDF file below about price of studying abroad and Terms and Conditions.

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