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Let us be FIT!

26th Apr, 2021

Another day, another blog!
How are you today?
In the Philippines it is the season for summer and it is hotter than ever!
You know what having a warm weather means right?
It means a lot of sweat!
If you sweat, you lose a lot of fat and what better way to lose fat in a sweaty weather?
That is to exercise of course!
Our energetic Teachers will show case in todays blog what you can do to stay Fit and healthy.
Our first sport is badminton!

This sport can be played by 2 or 4 people. You will need a racket, a shuttlecock and a net to play this game. This game requires your whole body to move in different direction to catch the shuttlecock and pass it to the other side of the court. This game is like tennis but the difference of it is that you cannot let the shuttlecock fall to the ground or else you lose a point.

The second physical activity we have for you is Volleyball!

This activity is best if you have friends to play with. Volleyball is usually played between 10 people. 5 people on each team. This sport will keep you going like badminton you must not let the ball fall on the ground or else you lose a point.
This game requires communication and team play between your teammates for you to win.

If you want a more difficult way of playing this game. Try and play this on the beach like what our teachers did. The sand will make it hard of you to run and jump and the wind will catch you off guard on where the ball will fall.

The last activity we have is the basic, Jogging. This requires minimum effort on things to bring and use. Just wear your jogging clothes and running shoes then you are good to go.

Just make sure that you are jogging on a safe path. It would be much better if you do this activity in the park, by the beach or bay walk or in a sports complex.
We hope that you keep healthy everyday not only by exercising but also by eating healthy foods. See you on our next blog!


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