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New Teacher in February

22th Feb, 2021

Hello! How are you? This month of February we have three new wonderful teachers of Parrots Kun Eikaiwa!
Have you met them yet? I’m excited to introduce them to you.

Teacher Eris

Let's start with Teacher Eris! She has graduated with a degree of Bs in Accounting. Her hobbies consist of Reading Books, watching dramas, movies and listening to music. What kind of music she listens to you may ask? Well, you must book her lesson to find out!

She is a Sunny-weather type of person. So, I guess she likes to go out on an adventure on a sunny day! Her dream destination is Japan and Korea. Have you been there before? Or are you living in those Countries?

Her favorite quote is "Let's live while doing things we like" and her dream is to be a successful entrepreneur. Wow, Teacher Eris is such a Goal-oriented person!

Well, this is all for our Teacher Eris. She can't wait to see you in her class!

Teacher Kate!

She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English language and a license professional teacher!

Teacher Kate graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in the English Language quite suited for a teacher who is teaching English in Parrots Kun.

In her free time, she is usually listening to music or watching dramas. To know what genre? You’ll

Like Teacher Kate, she prefers the Sunny weather and also, she would like to go on a vacation in South Korea! Wow, I think everyone would like to visit this country once in their life! Her goal is to be successful in the future and her favorite quote is "Never give up" Such a positive thinking Teacher she is!
If you are looking for a very positive teacher how about you visit her class one of these days? See you there!

Teacher Mavis!

Teacher Mavis is a graduate with a degree in BS Business Administration. Wow, 2 out of 3 teachers we have today are into business!

But, our Teacher Mavis has a hobby of Cooking and Singing. Let's ask her next time what's her favorite dish to cook and what's her favorite song.

Teacher Mavis also likes Sunny-weather. I bet our new teachers are energetic in going outside or going for a vacation since the three of them like this kind of weather. How about you? Which weather do you prefer?

Well, now I know why she likes the Sunny weather! Her dream destination is Japan! Who wouldn't want sunny weather if you are to roam around Japan with so much to see! Hey, have you been to Japan? It would be great if you can communicate with Teacher Mavis about Japan as your topic! Why not visit her class if you have time? That would be awesome!

Going back to Teacher Mavis, her dream goal is to Invest in a Business and her favorite quote is "Sometimes our breakthrough begins when we refuse to be impressed with the size of our problem." Such a deep thought quote.
Anyway, I'll be ending this blog with the pictures of our new teachers below! They can't wait to see you in their class! See you on our next blog

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