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8 Tongue Twisters to Enhance Your English Pronunciation

22th Jun, 2021

8 Tongue Twisters to Enhance Your English Pronunciation

People may think that tongue twisters are just a simple game to be used just to have fun or something to lighten up a simple and boring day. However, few people only knew that tongue twisters are being used also to train the tongue to be fluent in English words, especially the difficult ones and those that rhymes together too.
Tongue twisters are a sequence of words or sounds, typically of an echoing kind, difficult to pronounce quickly and appropriately. Example, “tie twine to three tree twigs” is a phrase that is designed to be difficult to express properly, and can be used as a type of spoken word game. Also, they can be used as exercises to enhance pronunciation and fluency.
Try the following tongue twisters and I’m sure that by the time you finished them, you will be surprised that your tongue has been sharpened a little and this will encourage you to try them again the next day and the day after the other.

Here it goes…

/p/ & /f/ sounds
1. Pink fish peel finely on the fire (repeat 3 times)

/th/ sounds
1. They threw three thick things (3 times)
2. He threw three free throws (3 times)
3. On Thursdays, I find thrills in finding things (3 times)

/s/ and /sh/ sound
1. She sells seashells by the sea shore (3 times)
2. She thinks she’ll sea a seal (3 times)

/r/ & /l/ sounds
1. Red lorry, Yellow lorry (3 times)
2. Truly rural (3 times)
3. Red blood, bad blood (3 times)

/b/ & /v/ sounds
1. Veil the bed with the bed balance (3 times)
2. The view of the valley is very beautiful (3 times)
3. Betty loves the velvet vest best (3 times)

/v/ & /f/ sounds
1. Seventy-seven benevolent elephants (3 times)

/f/ & /w/ sounds
1. Fussy Wussy was a bear. Fussy Wussy had no hair. Fussy Wussy wasn’t very fuzzy, was he?

/v/ & /w/ sounds
1. Reverend White was very right (3 times)
2. Veering wide helps vehicles wins (3 times)

As you are doing this tongue twisters, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just relax and try to read them word per word, then slowly increase your pacing. And if you really can, try to go even faster as you can in reading them.
Now, since you can read them perfectly, try to recite them without reading and you will see the difference of practicing it while reading and without reading these tongue twisters.
The last stage of this practice that you have to recite these tongue twisters on your own or without reading them is to train your brain to coordinate with your tongue consistently. You will eventually see the wonder of how it works.
And the next time you will see a very difficult English word, it will be such an easy way for you to pronounce them.

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