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Intern’s Graduation

26th Dec, 2019

Graduation is an exciting time. It marks both an ending and a beginning; it’s warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.

In this blog we say farewell to our beloved Interns. They are the second batch we have this year and now it’s that time of the year where we wish them the best of luck for the next chapter of their journey.

And Parrots Kun is hopeful that Next Year we gain another batch of amazing interns from Pangasinan State University but of course we would also invite other applying interns from different Colleges and Universities as well.

Parrots Kun Eikaiwa would like to leave this quote as a reminder;
“My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to. Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small and that you never need to carry more than you can hold.”? Rascal Flatts

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