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Team building-①

28th Dec, 2018

Fun under the sun!
Group 2 outing

The Philippines is blessed with exceptional natural resources and awe inspiring islands with beautiful beaches. One of the most popular islands here is Boracay which is located in in Western Visayas. This island became popular because of its pure white sand but did you know that there is also a place like this in Luzon?
Welcome to El Pescador! This is a hotel resort located in Bolinao, Pangasinan. If you are in Lingayen, it will just take you two hours of travel to Bolinao by car. Last November, the teachers from Group 2 visited this resort for their outing.

The beach in the resort is one of the cleanest beaches here in the Philippines. The sand is white, the water is clear and the best thing about this place is that it’s not crowded so you can enjoy your time under the sun without too much attention from other people.
This resort also offers the most relaxing and exciting trip to the beach. You can walk by the breath taking seashore, swim in the clear water and try many activities like kayaking, water bicycle rides, beach volleyball and many more!

Teacher Ashley, Teacher Jenny, Teacher Maan and Teacher Minaare enjoying the relaxing sea view.

Look! A water bike. Just like riding a usual bicycle, you have to push the pedals by your feet to make it move. This is one of the activities you can try here.

After visiting the beach, you can also try the resort’s pools. They have separate pools for adults and children. A pool slide is also built on the pool for a more exciting pool experience!

Teacher Jean, Teacher Jenny, Teacher Mina and Teacher Ashley are ready to swim now!

There is nothing more fun than having quality time with wonderful people!

The weather is very fine today and the teachers are enjoying their time in the pool!

Time to eat!
This day out will never be complete without the delicious foods. We, Filipinos, love to eat and for us, good food plus good people and good conversation is the best kind of dining experience! We hope to share the same dining experience with you soon. ^^

And because it’s almost Christmas, the teachers also prepared gifts for each other. Truly, that Christmas is in the air and the spirit of giving is in the heart of every Filipino. But aside from these gifts, we believe that the best gift that we can give to each other is love. Spread love this Christmas! ^^

Group photo!
The outing of the teachers from Group 2 is about to end now but the fun, bond and memories they created today will never be forgotten.
Would you like to have the same experience just like the teachers? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Come and join Parrots Kun Eikaiwa and experience learning English while having fun! ^^

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