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Beginner Guide:

- F. A. Q -

This is FAQ for using our service. If you can't find what you need, please feel free to contact us.

About Parrots kun Eikaiwa

Parrots Kun is an online English School that provides one-on-one lesson through Skype or WeChat which is structured in a similar way to face-to-face class. Our Teachers will be in charge of the students. They are very friendly where beginners can take a lesson that is exciting and enjoyable. We have been providing service to students and aim to increase their English proficiency in getting used to English conversation and Improve English by letting the students attend lessons everyday with professional Teachers that have high level of English proficiency.

All Parrots-kun tutors passed a criteria based on its provision and finished the required training course. They always handle classes with smile and enthusiasm! Whatever the topic is; they can easily cope with and have a good lesson with you. They can teach you grammar and pronunciation in terms of student's aspects with the experience they have.

The English skills that European giant companies also recognize.
The Philippines is recognized globally as one of the largest English-speaking country with high level of fluency in the language. A study made by Fortune magazine, top 500 giant companies gradually set up a call center in the Philippines. Considering its reasonable cost, Filipinos are very fluent in verbal and written usage of the English language.

〇Highest Overseas Employment Rate
Philippines, through its educational system; produces globally competitive graduates that can work even overseas.
〇English as a Second Language
Filipinos can communicate globally using English. The language is widely spoken around the country and is well entrenched in Philippine formal education.

About Use

No, it is not allowed to share your account. Even though it is a family member, students need to sign up for an individual account because Parrots Kun manages all members learning progress per student. In case we found out that you are sharing your account and used by two or more student, we can delete the account without notifying the student.

No, we don't have age limit.

Yes, you can choose other price plan which you prefer but after the current price plan contract is done. Please carefully check the detail or period of each price plan before you pay, because we only accept change of price plan after finishing each term. In addition, the term of each price plan is below,

Silver, Gold and Ticket Plan: Only for 1 month
Premium Silver Plan and Premium Gold Plan: Only for 3 months
Platinum Silver and Platinum Gold Plan: Only for 6 months

-For example-
If you apply and avail Gold Plan on Oct.15, you can switch to another price plan from next term after Nov 15.

No, you can only apply for one Plan at a time. If you want to change/ upgrade/ downgrade your Plan, you can change it after finishing the term of your current Plan. You can create a new account and purchase another plan / ticket plan if you want to get additional hours of lesson.

About lesson environment

Yes, you can. Follow the instructions here to complete the registration and get your trial lesson.
Download Skype for Mac here.

We don't have a phone line service. We are using Skype and it requires an environment that can connect and run the application.

Yes, you can. However, please be aware that the connection may be slow and it may affect the lesson. The School will not be held responsible for any delay or cancellation of the lesson due to member circumstances. You cannot transfer, extend or cancel the lesson, so it's best to take the lesson in an environment suitable for the lesson. We suggest wired internet connection as much as possible to avoid unwanted interruption during the lesson.

Yes, you can. But it makes the communication lines heavy and influences the lesson so please note of that. In case that the members have a delayed or canceled lesson, we will not be responsible for any. Under the reasons about the extension and transfer of the appropriate lessons, the students can't even cancel. Please attend in an environment that is suitable for lessons.

Although you can take a lecture, but if possible, please use the internet services of a cable. When a communication trouble arises in the middle of a lesson, we will investigate and if there is no problem in the communication situation of this school, you can neither change an applicable lesson, nor extend or cancel. Please understand that.

Yes, you can. As long as there is installed Skype into it, you can use Skype with the same ID and take a lesson even using another computer.

Yes, it's possible many members use their mobile or tablet for taking lessons. But sometimes they get a bad line because of poor internet connection, for example they can't use video call or experience voice communication interruption. If in that case, we will try to decrease the load of the internet connection, and give you a lesson with only voice call.

You don't have to buy a web cam in case your PC is already equipped with a camera and a speaker. Please use as it is needed. You don't have to use a web cam but we recommend that you combine a web cam and a head set for a better class discussion.

About lesson

You need to install Skype with free internet call. Then please prepare PC, tablet, or mobile phone that is connected with the internet, a headset, and webcam. You can practice your pronunciation and conversation more effectively through a two-way video call with the teacher. You need to adjust the camera level and the volume of your microphone at your preference.

Yes, you are entitled for a 50 minute trial lesson upon registration.

Definitely you can. A teacher will teach you simple greetings or introductions slowly so you can enjoy your lesson without any stress or hassle.

Yes, there are many tutors who can speak Japanese. You can check the tutor's Japanese speaking skills from the teacher's profile. Our tutors attend Japanese lessons every day to ensure that they can communicate with Japanese students, especially to beginners. However, we highly recommend that you take the lesson using English to help you improve your communication skills. For your convenience, you can choose a teacher who can speak Japanese to establish good communication with the student. You can leave a note to specify your preference.

Yes, all tutors can give lessons all in English without using Japanese. We recommend that members of the intermediate and advanced level try to take a lesson in English because there are tutors who can't speak Japanese at all. But in case a lesson with a tutor who can speak Japanese a little, the teacher may use Japanese in order to build a good relationship with a member unless a member doesn't let us know about their hope like" Only English in a lesson". It would be great if you could tell us "I want to study English without Japanese" in advance.

Yes, we have course for kids age 3 to 12 years old. We still recommend parents to accompany their child/children during the lesson to assist them if they need help with something.

We have a lot of learning materials for each learner's level. Our teachers will check your English proficiency level and will suggest the lesson and the book for your class. Students can request a book or lesson of their choice. You can send a note or request in the "Message" box to notify the tutor.

As principle, you don't need to have any textbooks for your lessons, however using articles or online newspaper for your lesson to supplement your discussion is highly encouraged.

Everything is in the process. We will notify you in our website.

Yes, please inform your tutor before your lesson time starts, so that your tutor will still have enough time to prepare. If you have any requests, then you can send it using "Message" box when you book a lesson.

Yes, you can change a course for each lesson (25mins.). In booking a lesson, you just need to be careful, because you can choose only one course for one lesson. However, it doesn't change the plan that you already chosen.

Yes, you can book a lesson with the teacher of your choice, anytime at your convenience. However, you cannot change your teacher in the middle of your class unless there is a sudden situation that we might need to consider, such as your teacher being sick or in bad condition and etc. Even though you've booked two lessons with same tutor, you are not allowed to change your tutor for another one during the lesson. If you want to take two lessons with different tutors, please book each lesson with different tutor ahead of time. In case your lesson is difficult to continue, you need to stop the lesson and contact our "customer support" immediately. If you contact us after your lesson is finish, we will understand that there are no problems during your lesson, and we cannot accept any alternative lessons or refund.

No, basically we would like you to take your lesson on time with the teacher you've booked, unless there is a sudden situation that we might need to consider, such as your teacher being sick or in bad condition and etc. Even though you've booked two lessons with same tutor, you are not allowed to change your tutor for another one during the lesson. If you want to take two lessons with different tutors, please book each lesson with different tutor ahead of time. In case your lesson is difficult to continue, you need to stop the lesson and contact our "customer support" immediately. If you contact us after your lesson is finish, we will understand that there are no problems during your lesson, and we cannot accept any alternative lessons or refund.

If the lesson was delayed for student's convenience; if the delay is less than 10 minutes from the reserved time, you can take a lesson from the remaining time. However, if it is 11 minutes late or more, then it will be treated as 'absent'. On the other hand, if the delay is because of our School, regardless of remaining time, we will extend a part of the tardiness with the same tutor who was in charge of the lesson that was delayed. If you cannot extend on the same day, please inform your preferred date to our "customer support"

Lesson Evaluation is how we get feedback and comments from students regarding their experience and satisfaction rate after every lesson. This would help us improve the quality of learning and experience of every student in our school.

To rate your lesson, select 'Evaluate' tab in the lesson history and click 'Lesson Evaluation' to enter your comment.

The evaluation is uploaded on the introduction page of each tutor.

1. Click "Reservation history" from the left menu.
2. Choose "Evaluation" which you want to upload from the reservation list.
3. Choose how did you feel or think about the lesson, and type your comments into the box.

Yes, there is. Please note that the school is closed on January 1, December 25 and 31, and other public holidays in the Philippines. The School will inform all the students by posting an announcement on the "Notification" page two weeks before the school holiday. Please be aware that in the unlikely event of a typhoon, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami or other natural disaster, service provision may be interrupted or suspended.

About reservation / cancellation

Reserving a lesson can be done one week in advance or you can book your lesson 30 minutes before your desired time. The number of lessons per day depends on your plan. For Silver, Premium Silver and Platinum Silver Plan: one lesson per day; Gold, Premium Gold and Platinum Gold Plan: 2 lessons a day. However, for Ticket Plan, there is no limit for number of lesson per day as long as you have available ticket to book the lesson.

You can book up to one week ahead. You are allowed to take one lesson a day (7 lessons a week) for Silver Plan, Premium Silver Plan and Platinum Silver Plan, two lessons a day (14 lessons a week) for Gold Plan, Premium Gold Plan and Platinum Gold Plan and the number of tickets you have without limitation per a day for Ticket Plan.

*You cannot carry over the lessons that you have not taken on other days. If you cannot attend the class, it will be marked as 'Absent'. In the event that you cannot take the lesson due to School's circumstance, student can contact our customer support for alternative options such as transferring the lesson to another teacher on the same day or, transfer the lesson at other day and time. However, if you have already taken a substitute lesson with another teacher, you will not be eligible for transfer.

Please note that you can't change the reserved contents of a lesson at all. If you want to change it, you need to cancel the lesson one hour before and make a reservation that you wish again. Please refer to next "Can I cancel the booked lesson?" for how to cancel.

*You can cancel your reserved lesson 1 hour before the start of the lesson. However, you cannot change the details of the lesson you booked. If you wish to change your reservation details, you need to cancel the reservation at and book your lesson again with the desired details.

Steps on how to cancel your reserved lesson.

If a situation which does not originate from the member should occur, and when a lecture on the reserved lesson cannot be taken, please change and take another lesson. However, when a lecture is already taken by other lectures, it becomes the outside of the object of change. For example, if your tutor was absent. In the case, you can opt for the two choices. The first option is to take a lesson with another tutor by the same schedule. The second one is to cancel the booked lesson and take an alternative lesson on another day. Please refer to "What is an alternative lesson?" for the details of an alternative lesson.

No, we don't have any penalty. But as much as possible, we encourage our students to attend their lessons every day for a faster progress in their learning.

You can "cancel" 1hour before the lesson time starts, and book another lesson again after you finish the procedure. In case you don't reply or response the call from the tutor, then it means that you are "absent" and we regret to inform you that you can't reschedule your lesson.

Alternative lessons are lessons that can be taken only if the School cannot provide a reserved lesson due to transportation problems, natural disasters, line problems, and reasons attributable to our school including situations concerning the teachers. With alternative lessons, you can reserve and take lessons more than the number of lessons per day of your plan. You need to contact Customer Support (Skype / WeChat: parrots100) for assistance in reserving the alternative lesson. Furthermore, you can consume the alternative lesson within one week after the date of the cancellation.

About Skype

Skype is an internet telephone which can be used for free. Please refer to the Steps on how to install and use Skype to start your lessons.

After sign in to your Skype account, please check your Skype Name which is necessary information for free registration. Click on your display name in the upper left and find your Skype Name
※Your "Skype Name" is just the same as "Skype ID" which you use signing in. But it's different from "Display name" which you can usually change anytime from the profile on your Skype.

1. Above your contact list, click "Recent".
2. To accept or decline the contact request, enter the chat window by clicking the contact's name.
3. To accept the contact request, click "Accept".

In the list of contacts, click on the Display name you want to send your message to, and then appears a chat box. In another way, right click on the Display name and select "Send Instant Message (IM)". During video call, a chat box will appear when you click a little speech bubble of the bottom of the screen.

Please check this page if you have trouble with using Skype.

You can sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account. If you need more information, please check it out from "this page"

No. Only one Skype ID can be registered in one account. The teacher will contact using the information listed on your account. In case the Skype ID registered initially in the account is not working, you can change it by going to 'My Page' and click "Edit Profile" box. The School will not be responsible if you cannot take a lesson because you did not change the registered ID. If you are not sure how to edit your profile information, contact our Customer Support ( Skype : parrots100).

About fee / payment

No. Membership is free. After creating your account, we offer 2 trial lessons for all members. Students who wish to continue the lesson after taking the trial lesson can proceed with the payment procedure with their choice of Plan. Go to 'Payment' tab from My Page.

It doesn't affect even if you pay for the paid service in the middle of the month, the estimated cost for a one month contract (※) starts from the preferred date by the student and ends on the day of the following month.
※Only Silver Plan, Gold Plan and Ticket Plan are for monthly payment plans, and Premium Silver Plan and Premium Gold Plan are for three months payment plan. Platinum Silver Plan and Platinum Gold Plan are for six months payment plan.

-For example- A member pays for Silver Plan on October 15th, the paid service could be provided until November 14th.

No, you cannot pay per lesson or in a daily basis. Even if it registers a paid member at any day of the month, it is computed on the same conditions which start from the date when the paid service started and end on the day of the following month for Silver, Gold and Ticket Plan, ends on the day after the paid service started of 3-month term for Premium Silver Plan and Premium Gold Plan, or ends on the day after the paid service started of 6-month term for Platinum Silver Plan and Platinum Gold Plan.

No, you cannot pay per lesson.

No. Regardless of the number of lessons you have taken, we will not refund the monthly payment, discount the next monthly payment, of extend the monthly payment application period.

No, the paying members don't need to pay any other expenses except for the payment of price plan. In case a member needs textbooks, a computer, a headset or a webcam, all of any other costs except a price plan are paid by the member.

The service that we provide does not correspond to specific continuous service offer on the specified commercial transaction law which has defined the object of cooling-off. However, at our school, we put member's convenience and rationality before everything and if it has been less than eight days since registration of settlement of account information was completed, it can be cancelled. Please contact us from "Inquiry" about the refund of contract termination.

If you applied Premium Silver Plan, Premium Gold Plan, Platinum Silver Plan or Platinum Gold Plan, please check carefully "Notes : Application of Premium Plan & Platinum Plan" first, before you contact us.

At the time of refund, it requires about a maximum of one month. Please understand that a member bears the commission (bank transfer fees, etc.) occurred by the refund.

1. Login to "My page" on our website.
2. Click "Payment" from the left menu panel.
3. Fill in the "Application form of Payment through Smart Pit" which appears at the bottom part of the page.
4. After we make a bill, you will receive a confirmation from us or Smart Pit by Email.
5. Go to a convenience store to process your payment.

※Before you receive a confirmation from us or Smart Pit, there may be still under process billing.
*Payment confirmation for Smart Pit transaction will be processed the day after the payment is completed. If you have immediate concerns about the payment, please contact our Customer Support (Skype: parrots100).

Explanation about each payment method.

For PayPal : Please copy the payment confirmation from "PayPal" and erase all personal information except for the applicable portion needed.
For Bank transfer:Please use the billing statement published as a receipt after transfer.
For Smart Pit transaction:Please use "Smart pit receipt" published after payment.

Those who want to have a receipt (mail attachment of a PDF file), go to "Inquiry" and attach the necessary information like: address, a proviso, payment day (delivery date) and amount of payment. For payment method and details, please refer to "About Charges".

About trouble

Please confirm whether Cookies are enabled in your browser. You can't log in to our page if Cookies are not enabled. Although the procedure for using the service is explained on "Use guide" please do not hesitate to ask our customer support

If Skype is not working, you can contact us by sending an email at customer@parrots-english.com. We will provide alternative lesson only if you contact us before the reserved lesson time.

1. Login to "My page" on our website.
2. Click "Edition of profile" from the left menu panel.
3. Type your new information in each box.
4. After we receive your request to change your registration information, we will update it.

We are very sorry. There are bathroom break time and work record time of 5 mins after each lesson. If just in case that your tutor is late which is sometimes beyond our control, please try the following methods:
?Please confirm your Skype is selected "Online", and your Skype ID is the same as when you registered to our school.
?Please call the tutor.
?Please contact customer support (Skype ID : parrots100).

Yes, if you have some questions about the lesson you took, please do not hesitate to ask us. "Inquiry" But, since we correspond while checking the details of an applicable lesson with the tutor who was in charge of the student, it may take us a while depending on the contents of the inquiry.

1. Go to "PayPal", and login with your Email address and Password of your PayPal account.
2. Click "Profile" from "My Account" of the upper menu bar, and change your PayPal information.

Please send your opinion or question about our school from "Inquiry"

→To inquiry

About adjournment / withdrawal

Yes, you can. You can apply for a holiday. Make sure to inform us 10 days before the expiration of your Plan.
※Please keep in mind to cancel the PayPal settlement by yourself at the same time.

-For example-
If your payment schedule is every 10th and you want to adjourn on Nov.10, please inform us before Oct.31.

If you wish to resume your previous plan or sign up for new plan, you can contact us at Skype: parrots100 at least 3 days before the desired day of resumption.

If you wish to cancel/withdraw your membership, you must first apply for withdrawal. Please apply for withdrawal from "Inquiry" at least 10 days before the expiration date or PayPal settlement date. For payment by bank transfer or convenience store settlement (smart pit), this completes the withdrawal application procedure.

When paying with PayPal, please perform the PayPal payment suspension procedure after completing the withdrawal application procedure (PayPal payment suspension procedure must be performed by the member himself).

* Even if you complete the withdrawal application procedure, you can still use the paid membership service until the expiration date. The withdrawal procedure by our school will be done after the day after the expiration date, but no charges will be incurred after the day after the expiration date. If you wish to "cancel your withdrawal request" between the completion of the withdrawal application procedure and the withdrawal date, please let us know from "Inquiry". In addition, please note that reservations made after the withdrawal date will be automatically canceled.

Once you have completed the application process for adjournment, reinstatement, or withdrawal at our school, you can then apply for suspension or resumption of payment. See process below for each payment method:

・ PayPal: Please log in to PayPal and complete the procedure for suspending (cancelling) PayPal payment. If you wish to resume, please click PayPal from "Payment" in the menu on the left side of My Page to complete the payment procedure.
・ Bank transfer / convenience store payment: If you wish to stop, please do not make the next transfer. If you wish to resume, please make the next transfer after contacting our school.

* Please note that the right to take lessons and make reservations will expire until the next payment is confirmed.

Yes. You can register again. If you have been a member once, please first tell us that you would like to re-enroll in "Inquiries". If you haven't deactivated the account you were using last time, you can use the same account as last time. In addition, you will be able to see your previous membership information.

No. For Premium Silver Plan and Premium Gold Plan, the service will be provided for 3 months from the service start date, and will not be transferred after the 4th month. For Platinum Silver Plan and Platinum Gold Plan, the service will be provided for 6 months from the service start date, and will not be transferred after the 7th month. Please check "Notes : Application of Premium Plan & Platinum Plan" for more details.

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