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New Teacher - Teacher Ena

7th Oct, 2021

Good day!
Hello everyone.
How are you? It’s a bright and sunny day here. Let’s greet our morning with a bright smile, despite the pandemic we are experiencing right now.
Be it storm or pandemic, it won’t stop us from introducing our new teacher here in Parrots Kun Eikawa this month.
What are we waiting for?
Let us all welcome our new teacher, Teacher Ena.

Teacher Ena is a graduate of Bachelor of Science of Secondary Education Major in English at Pangasinan State University.
She likes singing, reading, and learning other languages. You can request her to sing an English song and have a duet with her. One way of learning a language is thru music. Try it and enjoy.

One of her students commented on her profile on our website that, “She is a calm and a very good teacher. There are many topics so the fun time passed soon.” Despite her kindness, she can be a strict teacher that will correct your mistake in pronunciation, grammar, etc. She is here to help and guide you in discovering the world of English language from basic to advance. Learning English language is very hard. It will give you moments of fun, joy and happiness but it can also give you tears, sorrows and frustration. Teacher Ena had been through all the happiness and hardship. She succeeded and graduated with a major in English and here she is in Parrots Kun teaching students and sharing her knowledge of English. Through it all from your smiles and laughter to your tears and frustration, teacher Ena is here to help you with your journey of learning English. With teacher Ena’s dedication in teaching English and with your patience and perseverance, you can master English Language whether it may be reading, listening, and speaking in the near future.
What are you waiting for? Please visit her profile in our website and join her class now.

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