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Let's Get To Know Our New Teachers

26th May, 2024

Hello everyone! Meet Teacher Sai. She's been a licensed professional teacher since 2017, specializing in English education. With over 5 years of classroom experience spanning from preschool to high school, and a recent venture into online ESL teaching, Teacher Sai is dedicated to making learning both enjoyable and effective for her students. Her passion for helping others gain confidence in English shines through in every lesson.

Introducing Teacher Belle! She brings a dynamic blend of academic excellence and practical experience to our team. Graduating with honors from Urdaneta City University with a degree in Tourism Management, Teacher Belle's journey into education was shaped by her active participation in contests and journalism. Her commitment to nurturing young minds, combined with her diverse background, makes her a valuable addition to our teaching staff.

Say hello to Teacher Bless, our enthusiastic ESL educator! Armed with a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in English, Teacher Bless finds joy in connecting with students from all walks of life. Her cheerful demeanor and dedication to creating engaging learning experiences ensure that every student feels empowered to improve their English skills under her guidance.

Meet Teacher Angel, a passionate advocate for language education! Holding a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies and certified in TESOL and TEYL courses, Teacher Angel brings a wealth of experience to our team. Fluent in multiple languages and skilled in public speaking and performance arts, she integrates creativity and interactivity into her lessons, making language learning both engaging and effective.

Last but not least, say hi to Teacher Callie! With a background in Elementary Education and a specialization in preschool, Teacher Callie's journey in teaching has been marked by her dedication to fostering a love for learning among young learners. Her experience in ESL, coupled with a warm and patient approach, ensures that each student feels supported and motivated to excel in their English language skills.

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