3. Saipan Experience trip
フィリピン留学の魅力 留学体験談 留学費用


Experiences in American English with enjoyable moment and reasonable price. Let's go to Saipan for English Experiences trip! Parrots Kun offers English Experiences trip in Saipan! It just takes 3 hours from Japan to Saipan. Saipan is famous as the tropical resort with white sand beach and crystal clear water. In addition, many activities are waiting for you! Parrots Kun has business partner in Saipan that manages a hotel and they will fully support your trip. There are staffs who can speak in Japanese, so you do not need to hesitate to ask any concerns. Surely you will have wonderful experiences. Saipan is a commonwealth of the United State, nevertheless it's safe island and have reasonable commodity price. What are you waiting for? Let's go and explore Saipan!

We recommend Parrots Kun's English Experiences trip to those who

・are planning to do English Experiences trip.
・would like to have experiences in English.
・would like to know effective English in daily life.
・would like to play with a lot of activities.
・are practicing English before study abroad.

are planning to do English Experiences trip.

Plenty activities!

You are able to play with plenty activities in your daily life! You can plan whatever you would like to do! We are going to prepare many activities without anycharges.
For example…Playing Golf, Shopping tour, Activities beside sea, Sport Festival (Marathon / Triathlon), Experience casino in English, Volunteer activity, etc.

Plenty activities!

About accommodation

You are going to stay at Hanamitsu Hotel &Spa. Travel amenities, such as body soap and shampoo. Additional facilities: Nail salon, Massage salon, Spa and Sauna. You will be able to spend your time with relaxation!

Event Calendar of Saipan

Saipan is a tropical country and is popular as the place of international events! You would be able to have the experiences you've never had! These are some of examples!

Flow of estimation

Parrots Kun staff is going to check the vacancy of HanamItsu Hotel & Spa. If available, we are going to send you the estimation of your trip. You are going to pay the estimated payment. After confirming your payment, we're going to book your accommodation and activities you desire to do. Once we have completed the bookings, we are going to send your detailed schedule.

Inquiry about English Experiences

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