3. For Beginners

Beginner Guide:

- For Beginners -

Free Registration

To do so, you have to register first before you can book a lesson.
However, if you have availed of the "free trial", then you need to sign up first for membership.


① Log-In:

To make a reservation for a lesson, please enter your Login ID on the "Log In" page. If you have already logged in, you can skip this step. After entering your Login ID, you will be directed to your account page.

① Login

② Search a Lesson:

After logging in, please click on the "Reservation"tab.

② Search a Lesson

③ Book a Lesson:

From our extensive list of teachers, you can select your preferred teacher by clicking on their detailed page, which includes their educational qualifications and specific skills.

③ Book a Lesson

About Reservation:

In making a reservation, the student should note that our school follows Japan's local time. A student is given a maximum of 30 minutes to make a reservation within a day.

About the Cancellation:

Please follow the cancellation procedures. You will only be given a maximum of 60 minutes to make changes to your reservation.

④ Confirm Reservation:

You can view and confirm your lesson schedule by accessing the 'Reservation History' section in your 'My Page'.

④ Confirm Reservation

Tips to Take into Account during the Lesson:

Please remember that time is an important resource for internet users, so it is advisable to avoid excessive use of graphics, flash videos, or image files that may slow down the loading time.

About Free Talk:

What type of lesson would you like to take? Do you prefer Free Talk or Business English? Each of our ESL teachers has unique and specified skills. Sometimes, even if you have studied English extensively, you may still struggle with knowing what to say in English. This indicates that you possess linguistic knowledge but may lack the ability to apply it effectively. However, at Parrots English, we can help you gain knowledge and provide ample opportunities for practice through our 'Free Talk' lessons.

About Free Talk

Lesson Schedule:

Lessons are scheduled from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM (Japan Time). Each 25-minute lesson is followed by a 5-minute break before the next lesson begins. Please refer to the schedule list to check your lesson time and preferred teacher. Please note that making a reservation is subject to the teacher's availability during their working shift.

Lesson Schedule

Video channel

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