2. What is the lesson with using Skype?

What is the lesson with using Skype?

Skype is a tool to have a communication with someone who lives in a far place. If you use Skype's functions, such as messaging, calling or video calling, you can share any information. However, it is necessary for you to have an Internet connection. Skype was established by a company which has a headquarter in Luxembourg, but it is now operated under Microsoft Corporation. Skype is used in many countries because it meets to translate their languages.

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English lessons through Skype

As we know, there is a limitation to study foreign languages by ourselves. Skype is the best tool to study foreign languages because Skype was created as a tool to have a better quality of communication with other people. Therefore, we could study practical English efficiently using Skype.

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Flow of a lesson by Skype

1. Installation of Skype

Calling by Skype is almost the same as calling by telephone. If you do not have Skype, please prepare it by downloading and installing through Skype's website. We can use Skype on our smartphone, computer and tablet.

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2. Greeting and self-introduction

Let's book your lesson once you have installed the Skype, and try to do greeting and self-introduction. You do not need to rush, and just keep calm. Let our teachers assist you if you have any queries.

3. Let's start our lesson

Once we have finished our greetings and self-introductions, it's time to start our lesson. Our lessons will depend on the students' pace.

The video of the real flow of a lesson

Let's make foreign friends and talk on Skype!

It is better for you to use Skype to study English. If you make foreign friends, you can have an interesting conversation and communication in English. Skype is well-known all over the world and it makes your world wider!

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