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1th Aug, 2022

Greetings, dear students of Parrots Kun! We just can't help for being excited because our school family is expanding in order to accommodate and give you more learning opportunities.
We would like to share this good news. We have added an enthusiastic and jolly teacher at Parrots Kun Eikawa. Teacher Jean is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. She has an experience of one-on-one class session and can cater a group lesson with students as well. She is a teacher of diverse students. And yes, Teacher Jean can teach students ranging from different age levels and needs.

Aside from being optimistic and enthusiastic, Teacher Jean can be described as determined, hardworking and patient teacher that will surely assist you and help you in developing and improving your communication skills especially your spoken English in an easiest way while having fun.

Her sincerity and passion for teaching together with her professional character and skills will make you satisfied and make yourselves the best version you can be. She can't wait to see you all in her class. Don't hesitate to book a lesson with her now.

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