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What is HOMONYMS? ①

8th July, 2022

Today, we are going to share one of Parrots Original materials,
" What is HOMONYMS? ". Please check the article below!!

What is HOMONYMS? ①

Let’s Learn!

When words are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings, then they are called homonyms. When they are just spelled the same but sound different and have different meanings, then they are homographs.
Below are the examples:

HOMOPHONE : Same spelling with different Meanings.

・ SIGN-Gesture or action.
The teacher gave him the thumbs-up sign.
-Write ones name to identify oneself as the writer or sender.
You forgot to sign the paper.

・ TIE-A strip of material worn around the collar
My brother has fixed his tie.
-Achieve the same score or ranking as another competitor or team.
They ended round 2 in a tie.

・ FLY-Small flying insect.
I have seen a fly on the table.
-Move or be hurled quickly through the air.
Let us fly a kite.

If you want PDF file, CLICK HERE!

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