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Different Ways to Answer Thank You ( Casual Way )

9th May, 2022

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Today, we are going to share one of Parrots Original materials, " Different Ways to Answer Thank You ( Casual Way ) ". Please check the article below!!

Different Ways to Answer Thank You

Casual Way:

You’re welcome ? simple, ordinary and most common reply Thank you for helping me to fix my car. ? Oh, you’re welcome.

You’re very welcome- taking in the thank you sincerely and with consideration. Thank you for doing the grocery for me. ? You’re very welcome.

No problem? very American way, but older people doesn’t approve to use this answer. Thank you for dropping by my letters. - No problem, it’s also along my way home

That’s alright? very casual response to someone who asked you to do something that you really don’t want to do, but you really need to do it. This will depend on your tone: happy or a little irritated.

No worries? very casual way to answer. Thank you for telling me about my car alarm. ? No worries, I believe I really should tell you.

Anytime! ? a simple and generous reply. Thank you for stopping by to see my stage play. ? Oh, anytime! (with a high and happy tone)

Sure!? very American way response and goes perfectly with No Problem. Thank you for seeing me today. ? Sure! No problem. (with a happy tone)

It was nothing? if the action was no extra effort Thank you for bringing me home today. ? It was nothing, we live in the same neighborhood.

Thank YOU? answer to a person who deserves to be Thanked more than to say you’re very much welcome, emphasizing YOU with a high tone. Thank you for accepting my offer to work in my company. ? Oh no, thank YOU for trusting me and I’m honored to work here.

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