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Different Ways to Say "Sorry"

22th Apr, 2022

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Today, we are going to share one of Parrots Original materials, " Different Ways to Say I'm Sorry ". Please check the article below!!

Different Ways to Say I’m Sorry

1. I owe you an apology
Ex: I owe you an apology for not attending your birthday last week

2. I take full responsibility for my actions
Ex: I take full responsibility of my actions. I shouldn’t have responded to her angry mood.

3. It was wrong for me
Ex: It was wrong of me to shout at you in public.

4. I’m so very sorry
Ex: I’m so very sorry for insulting you. I know I shouldn’t have done that.

5. I’m ever so sorry
Ex: I’m ever so sorry for discussing your personal matter to my sister. I shouldn’t have mention it to her in the first place.

6. I’m terribly sorry
Ex: I’m terribly sorry for making up a scene in the grocery yesterday, Mother. I was really upset of how things are going in the office and the baggage boy wasn’t even paying attention to my request.

7. It was thoughtless of me
Ex: I know it was completely thoughtless of me not to help you to carry those grocery bags inside the house.

8. I sincerely apologize
Ex: Dear Mr. President, I sincerely apologize for not sending you the files immediately as what you have requested.

If you want PDF file, CLICK HERE!

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