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50 Idioms That Will Help You Speak Like a Native English Speaker

13th Jan, 2022

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Today, we are going to share one of Parrots Original materials, " 50 Idioms That Will Help You Speak Like a Native English Speaker ". Please check the article below!!

50 Idioms That Will Help You Speak Like a Native English Speaker

1. All Ears - fully listening
2. Keep an eye on - to take care of or to watch in order to protect
3. Joined at the hip - to be so close to someone
4. Pat on the back - recognition or a thank you
5. See eye to eye - to agree
6. On the nose - precisely, at an exact time
7. A sight for sore eyes - someone that you are very pleased to see
8. Cost an arm and a leg - very expensive
9. Forty winks - getting a short nap
10.Break a leg! - good luck
11.Elbow grease - hard physical effort
12.Be glad to see the back of - be happy when the person leaves
13.Blind date - go on a date when you haven’t met the person in face to face
14.Knee jerk reaction - a quick and automatic response
15.Get along with - to have a good relationship to someone
16.Pull yourself together - to calm down
17.Hang in there - don’t ever give up
18.Barking up the wrong tree - asking the wrong person
19.The last straw -the final problem in a series of problems
20.Curiosity killed the cat - too much curiosity can get you into trouble
21.So far so good - things are going well
22.Don’t judge the book by its cover - don’t judge someone or something by its appearance
23.Down-to-earth - sensible and realistic, humble
24.Up for grabs - available for everyone
25.Barrel of laugh - someone who is very funny
26.Come rain or shine - whatever happens
27.On cloud nine - extremely happy
28.Brainstorm - get many ideas as quickly as possible
29.Take a rain check - decline an invitation but you may accept it some other day
30.A ray of sunshine - something that brings happiness to someone
31.Once in a blue moon - very rarely to happen
32.Stealing my thunder - making people pay attention to you
33.Black out - going to faint or loss of consciousness
34.Black and blue - to describe something that is badly bruised
35.Golden opportunity - the perfect chance
36.Have the Blues - be sad or depressed
37.Black sheep - who is a disgrace to a family or a group
38.To be yellow - to be cowardly
39.To see red - to be very angry
40.Have a heart - be merciful
41.A heart of stone - no feelings of sympathy or empathy
42.Cross my heart - to tell the truth
43.Broken heart - to lose the one you love
44.Know it by heart - to memorize
45.Heart and soul-entirely everything
46.Two heads are better than one - two or more people working to solve a problem or come up with an idea than just one person doing it alone.
47.Pick his/her brain - ask someone for advice or opinion or detailed information
48.As far as anyone knows - to the best of one's knowledge
49.Knowledge is power - knowledge is more powerful than any physical strength and no masterpiece can be done without true knowledge.
50.Learn the ropes - to learn how to do something.

If you want PDF file, CLICK HERE!

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