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14th July, 2021

Let me greet you a great day ahead of you!
How have you been this past few days since month of July has started?
Are you making out the best out of stay at home set-up now that there is still pandemic?
Or you’ve been bored and want to visit a place where you can enjoy?
No worries! We got you covered!
Let me tell you the experience of one of our students that had a chance to visit Parrots Kun.
Here he is! Javen Sears, one of Teacher Hanna’s student!

At the age of five (5), Javen had started studying because his parents wanted him to practice and improve his reading and writing skills. Even though he is focused on studying, of course his parents lets him enjoy being young. He loves to play dinosaur toys and not just that, he even knows what are the names of each dinosaurs. Wow! He must really love dinosaurs, right? So, aside from dinosaurs, he likes car toys too. His favorite colors are blue and yellow.

Javen is studying Reading Starter 1 Book here at Parrots Kun for 3 months now. He is an excellent student because whenever her Teacher Hanna asks him questions, he can definitely answer it correctly. He is also an active student because he can express his feelings and opinions all the time to his teacher. We can say that, he has a very good relationship with his teacher, right?!

And YES! Finally! Javen was able to meet her Teacher Hanna in person!
You can see that Javen really loves his Teacher Hanna and that he enjoyed visiting our school.
What a great experience, it must be!
That smile on his face is what we want to see on your face too if you are to visit our school.
So YES! YOU are WELCOME here at Parrots Kun Eikaiwa!
See you!

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