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8th Jun, 2022

Good day everyone.
How are you? I hope everyone’s happy and doing great.
Have you experienced going to a job fair? How’s your experience?

Recently, Parrots Kun Eikaiwa joined a job fair organized by Pangasinan State University last May 31, 2022. This was organized for their graduating students this year. Different companies joined the event and many job seekers also went to the said job fair.

Before I share what happened during the job fair last May 31, let us define what Job Fair is. Job Fair is also commonly referred as a career fair or career expo which is an event for employees, recruiters and schools to meet with prospective job seekers.
Our HR staff, Ma’am Thea and two OJTS, Miss Panlilio and Miss Verches went to the Job Fair held in Pangasinan State Univeristy (PSU) to meet prospective employees for English teacher, marketers and LET/IELTS/TESOL/TEFL instructors.

Many companies attended the job fair, which can be seen in the bulletin board filled with company’s information that joined the said event. The graduating students from PSU reviewed those companies information and chose a company on the basis of the latter. There were lots of jobseekers that were interested in joining Parrots Kun Eikaiwa that day. They were interviewed by Ma’am Thea and thereafter took an exam for our initial application process.

Did you know that some of our teachers like teacher Pia graduated from PSU? Have you attended one of her classes? We are hoping that we will find excellent teachers like teacher Pia that can give a fun and exciting English lessons for our dear students.
That’s all for today. Thank you everyone and see you on our next blog.

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