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Internship Journey with Parrots Kun!

13th Apr, 2019

Good day!
Being a student gives you fun, excitement and headaches sometimes. That’s why the Parrots Kun Eikaiwa gives the PSU Interns a break from the office works.

A tour in the Lingayen beach can release your stresses! The Parrots took the interns there.

Seems like the interns are enjoying the view very well. A tour alone can make you feel relax but we think that having friends with was an amazing experience. You can share stories and laughter as well.

The feeling of your feet in stepping in a powder-like sand gives you a chill and a calming feeling mixed it up with fresh air. Can you imagine that?

Lingayen Beach gives pride not only on the beach itself, but also, the kind people you will meet just by walking on the beach. The people were so accompanying, nice, helpful and positive-vibe people. You don’t only gain memories with the place but also with other people.

It was an amazing journey with Parrots Kun Eikaiwa! Truly that learning does not only come from books but also from experiences.

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