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Teaching kids

15th Nov, 2021

Good day everyone. It’s another day and Christmas is coming. It is a sunny day here in Pangasinan and let’s all greet our morning with a beautiful smile.

Parrots have been teaching English for 11 years and we have more years to go. We have internationally certified teachers that will guide your children every step on their way of learning and mastering the English language. We have a very flexible time and affordable price that you can avail for your children. For 25-50 minutes a day depending on your plan, your children will learn a lot from us. You can rest assured that your children will have the best experience learning the English language in Parrots.

What is the best age to learn the English language? It is when your children are still young and their brain still has its best capacity to grasp this knowledge. They can learn faster. They will be ready to enter the society when they become an adult. They can travel and work from abroad where English is the main language with confidence.
From basic to advanced English lessons, we all have the necessary materials to ensure your children have the best learning method with their levels and capacities.

Ensuring that your child will have fun while learning, our teachers will prepare exciting lessons so that your child will be captivated. We have flashcards/ puppets for young kids to capture their attention while they are having lessons.
What are you waiting for? Enroll your children now and start learning English language in Parrots with our internationally certified teachers.

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