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New Teacher - Teacher Amira

26th Aug, 2021

Good day!
Make sure you’ve done all the things that you wanted to do this month.
And for us, we wanted you to help us in welcoming our new set of Teachers this month.
Let’s start with Teacher Amira!

Teacher Amira is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Urdaneta City University. She is an optimist and loves motivating and influencing other people to be at their best. Because she believes that it’ll be a delightful feeling to be behind other people’s success. Oh Wow! It must be really exciting to be in her class.

For her, “Learning English Language is a little difficult.” BUT with the help of dedicated Teachers here at Parrots kun Eikaiwa like her, it'll be easier to learn the beauty of our universal language. She will guide you all throughout the process of improving your English Language skills while having fun.

So, if you wanted to be globally competent and to grab great opportunities around the world while having a positive learning environment, book in her class RIGHT AWAY! And you can ask Teacher Amira her secret of being an optimist.

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