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New Teacher - Teacher KRIS

12th Apr, 2021

Hello everyone! How is everything going?
In our last blog, we introduced to you Teacher Mica!
Have you met her yet?
She is bright and all smiley right?
Now for our next teacher we have…

Teacher Kris!
She has a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.
Her hobbies consist of listening to music, watching dramas and movies and travelling!
Do you like travelling?
If you do, you and teacher Kris have something in common you may even join her lesson and talk about places you have been before!
Isn’t that exciting?

Since she likes travelling a lot!
Of course, her favourite weather must be Sunny! It would much be enjoyable to travel to places in a nice weather, right? And did you know that her dream destination is Japan!

Did you notice that a lot of our teachers are interested in going to Japan?
Do you know the reason why?
If you do join the discussion on our twitter and Instagram alright?

Going back to the topic, Teacher Kris is a family-oriented person. Her goal is to give her family a comfortable life and with this let me leave you with Teacher Kris’s favourite quote “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

That’s why you should love what you do especially when it comes to learning! You should visit Teacher Kris’s lesson if you have time alright?

I’ll see you on the next blog!


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