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16th May, 2022

Different Ways to Answer Thank You ( Formal Way & Business Dealings )

9th May, 2022

Different Ways to Answer Thank You ( Casual Way )

2th May, 2022

New Teacher WENDY

27th Apr, 2022

Notification of the starting time of class on May 9

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To Teacher CHLOE

2022/05/11 20:00

She teaches well but today is not focused, I see her doing other things and she often asks Can you repeat? I missed your answer,.. so it made my mood bad and I didn

To Teacher VENUS

2022/05/07 16:00

funny teacher ,and happy mothers day ahead.knowledge also comes with ageing and so is wisdom.thats i have learn form venus.

To Teacher HANNA

2022/05/06 16:00

i finally know why the teacher can remember every student and their english level, the reason is: nearly 10 years of teaching experience.

To Teacher HANNA

2022/05/05 16:00

I tend to learn in a congenial atmosphere. teacher hanna maybe had master my level . every lesson can control the rhythm, I

To Teacher HANNA

2022/05/04 12:30

thats the great teacher :Teachers can quote many famous sayings from ordinary talking about the weather, and they are very meaningful. I like this kind of communication and learning very much.

To Teacher GRACE

2022/05/03 17:30

Very patient and understanding Teacher.

To Teacher HANNA

2022/05/03 12:30

the great teacher ,Smile very well and ask all kinds of meaningful questions throughout the process. Look forward to the course in the next few days.

To Teacher GRACE

2022/05/02 17:30

excellent teacher. Thank you so much

To Teacher VENUS

2022/05/02 12:30

i am so happy to take teacher venus lesson,she let me feel happy and fun every lesson ,we can talk everything ,no matter like the teacher, like the sister ,very closer to take our lesson.with her more than 30years work experince to teach me more ,encouage me . let me have a good passion to talk ,to express myself. enjoy with the lesson ,25mins for me is not enough.

To Teacher VENUS

2022/04/24 16:00

teacher venus ask me so great question: how to positive outlook in life? and aHow do you take life, do you take it easily or seriously?a. good question have the good answer , even my english is not good . but teacher alway let me try my best to talk and shared my mind with her , i like she sooo much .

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